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Best Cheap Hollow Body Guitars

This page picks out the best cheap hollow body guitars (also known as semi-acoustic guitars) as rated by hundreds of players. Guitarists on a budget can now get that sweet tone only a sound box can produce.

Every guitarist should have a hollow body at hand to open up their tonal range and inspire their creativity in new directions.

As with the solid bodies, as little as $400 will get you a high quality semi or full hollow... as long as you know where to look...

Cheap Hollow Body #1 (Semi HB)

A cheaper version of the Gibson ES-335, and just as well known (for the right reasons!). It's a big sounding semi, so even if you were specifically looking for a full hollow body, open up your options a bit.

If you're after a quality double cut archtop, backed by the mighty Gibson, the Epiphone Dot is simply incredible value for money.

Epiphone Dot Semi Hollow Body Guitar

Overall Rating

9 / 10


Harmony Central - Ultimate Guitar
Amazon - Music Radar - Zzounds Musicians Friend

Key Features
  • Versatile semi - good for rock as well as jazz & blues
  • Well rounded, balanced tone with plenty of high end bite
  • Set-in neck
  • Quality bridge and tuners = great sustain


Pickups: 2 Humbuckers / Hardware: Chrome / Scale: 24.75 in. / Nut Width: 1.68 in. / Neck Joint: Set / Neck: Mahogany / Fingerboard: Rosewood / Body: Laminated Maple / Top: Laminated Maple

What users say

Classic Gibson features (big curves, fat set neck), but surprisingly versatile. All the cost cutting measures from the Gibson original have been the right ones, preserving everything that matters - tone, build and playability.

The stock humbuckers produce a wide variety of tones, from vintage jangly to boxy and boomy. It even has just enough snarl for arty punk and your raunchier blues numbers.

The Epiphone Dot is not the mellowest sounding hollow body, so if you like your rhythm playing with a funky bite you'll appreciate being able to cut through the mix a bit more without sacrificing those warm box tones. The Dot is often seen/heard used in a rock context so you can be assured it will handle any distortion you throw at it.

Saying that, many have changed the stock pickups in an attempt to get something more specific to their tastes. Personal preference will dictate whether you do the same.

Well rounded is how you could best describe the Dot. You can get so much out of it, which is exactly what tempts more open minded players away from the Les Paul to the ES-335. If you want a classic hollow body that will still be able to handle modern, distorted sounds without the unwelcome side of feedback at stage volumes, the Dot is a solid pick. It's a gem even to the "played there, played that" veterans.

Cheap Hollow Body #2 (Full HB)

Ibanez' Artcore series is always a sure bet. It's always one of the first budget conscious recommendations you'll get from more experienced hollow body players. Ignoring for a moment the very reasonable price tag though, it's seen by many as just a good guitar for any price. The AG75 holds its own, in other words.

Ibanez AG75 Artcore Hollow Body Guitar

Overall Rating

9 / 10


Harmony Central - Ultimate Guitar
Music Radar - ZzoundsMusicians Friend

Key Features
  • Full hollow body for deep, boxy jazz tones
  • Sure Grip knobs for precise tone & volume control
  • Slim, set-in neck
  • Solid construction for reliable gigging


Neck Material: Mahogany / Neck Type: Set-in / Body: Maple top, back, sides / Frets: Medium / Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood / Inlay: Pearl block inlay / Bridge: ART1 (tune-o-matic style) / Neck Pickup: ACH1 / Bridge Pickup: ACH2 / Hardware: Chrome

What users say

Impeccably crafted and assembled, you can be confident you'll be ready to play out of the box. With the quality of construction and finish, you're left asking how they can possibly make it at this price. Well, ok, cheap labour might have something to do with it.

The Ibanez AG75 truly is a work of art, bearing striking resemblence to Gibson's classic ES-175 jazz box.

The stock humbuckers feed through what can only be described as a scooped clarity. So you have that mellow jazzy vibe from the sound box, but the pickups and the wood separate each note in the chord cleanly and crisply.

Give the bridge pickup some gain and you have some surprisingly cutting, yet not harsh, lead tones. The rockers will have enough to play with here (just learn to control the feedback - this is a full hollow body!), whereas the jazz, funk and blues players will truly feel at home in the neck position.

With grover tuners and solid strap buttons, you can rely on the AG75 to take you through a lengthy set.

Punchy, boxy, resonant, big and beautiful - everything a full hollow body should be.

Compare Hollow Body Guitars on This Page

Not sure which one is right for you? This comparison table might help...

Epiphone Dot Ibanez AG75
Best For Guitarists who want a versatile semi that will handle distortion and rock as well as jazz & blues. Guitarists who want a more traditional, full bodied jazz box.
Defining Features Classic ES-335, double cutaway. Well balanced sound.
ES-175 style cut. Slim neck profile. Sure grip knobs.
Scale Length 24.75 inches 24.75 inches
Neck Set-in Mahogany
Set-in Mahogany
Rosewood Rosewood
Frets 22 Medium Jumbo 22 Medium
Body Maple Maple
Inlays Dot Bar
Pickups Alnico Classic Humbuckers Ceramic Humbuckers
Price $400 $400
Best Deal link to buy guitar at discounted price link to buy guitar at discounted price

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