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Greetings, fellow musician. Like most visitors to this site, you probably can't afford to spend a lot on your guitar gear. 

But if you want to get the most enjoyment and satisfaction out of playing, and especially if you're in a gigging band, you need quality equipment that will play and sound great.

We don't particularly care about brand names, where the gear was made, whether it was made by humans, machines or banshees - the final product is what we're buying and playing.

Now, the internet is great for finding bargains. But there's one frustrating problem...

When you're ready to purchase your next guitar, amp or pedal, you can spend hours, days even, just reading review after review, forum post after post, comparing A vs B, B vs C... then of course C vs A, to weigh up price vs quality.

At this end of the price spectrum, there is a lot of junk to sift through, in a booming false economy. Wouldn't it be great if all that crap was just shovelled to one side for a moment, leaving only those gems that stand above all others in their price range?

That's why you won't see bad gear on this site. Why? Because there's no point! Why would we fling poo at you? Instead, we've researched the best cheap guitars and guitar accessories based on consistently good reviews and comments, across forums, social networks and authority gear sites and from our own humble experience.

That's why each piece of gear is backed up by a consensus of positive reviews from top musician communities such as Harmony Central and Ultimate Guitar, and customer reviews from several online music stores, culminating in an "overall rating". Forum and social comments have also been taken into account when deciding what makes it into the Guide.

Not only that, we've selected the best, clearest user demonstration videos for each piece of gear so you can hear the quality for yourself.

You can then compare the gear spec side by side to see which one is best for you.

CGG is supposed to save you time before you buy and money when you finally hand over your hard-earned.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope the site helps you to find what you need.

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