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Cheap Guitar Accessories - Best Budget Strings, Tuners, Cables and More

Discover which cheap guitar accessories users are raving about. This section will get you kitted out with all the essential guitar related bits and pieces, from strings to cables.

Obviously the focus is on keeping cost as low as possible, but certain manufacturers have managed to find that perfect balance between quality and price. There is no point in blowing your modest budget on cheap tack, and believe me there is a lot of it about.

As always, the below guides are the product of in depth research into consumer feedback and invaluable comments from those experienced players who have endured years of trial and error with this stuff. Thanks to their input, you can jump straight to the best bargains and avoid the crap.

The best budget guitar accessories

guitar stringsStrings

Keeping the cost of strings down means you can replace them more often, which is essential for gigging, recording and generally to keep your tone fresh and your guitar at its most playable. However, these strings will last longer than others in the same price range, with several other key benefits.

guitar tunerTuners

Covering foot pedal, clip-on and hand held units, these inexpensive tuners deliver fast, accurate tuning, with some other useful features thrown in to reaffirm their value for money.

guitar cable


Cables can be vastly overpriced, thanks in part to an army of "creative" marketers hyping features that aren't really important (e.g. gold ends). The cables featured in this section do the job and do it well. Quality materials, maximum signal and optimum output is the focus here - no BS!

guitar caseCases

Whether you need a light but functional soft case or something that will provide that extra bit of protection when lugging your gear to a gig, this page brings together the best value high quality bags and hard cases for electric and acoustic.

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