The Best Cheap Guitar Pedals & Effects

cheap guitar pedals

From ripping distortion to shimmering chorus, these cheap guitar pedals will equip you with quality effects you need to vibrantly color your live and studio performances.

As with guitars and amps, you don't have to spend a lot to get decent sounds.

All the effects pedals featured in this section are backed up by a consensus of positive user reviews and comments.

Whether you need an all-in-one solution or you're building your own board pedal by pedal, it's all here in one place - user review summaries, video demonstrations and spec comparisons.

Compare Cheap Guitar Effects Pedals

multi-effects pedal

Multi Effects

For an all-in-one solution. Guitarists favour these units for their convenience, authentic amp modelling and value for money. If you like to have a bit of everything, without the clutter of dozens of pedals, then multi-effects are the way to go.

distortion pedal

Distortion Pedals

Whether you need a bit of bluesy crunch or full on concrete chewing metal overdrive, these pedals will satisfy all your dirty desires without rinsing your wallet.

Cheap distortion can sound fizzy and weak, so rest assured these stomp boxes have been carefully selected based on positive user comments and ratings for their exceptional quality and authenticity.

wah pedal

Wah Pedals

Make your lead solos carress or scream and give your funky rhythms some of that "wacka-wacka".

The sonic expression of the wah pedal is as effective today as it was when popularised half a century ago (although the porn industry didn't do it any favours...). Here are the best cheapies.

delay pedal

Delay Pedals

Delay adds a repeating echo to your playing. Set it tight for a cool tiled bathroom effect or loosen it to build up repeating layers of harmony. Many lead players use a twist of delay to add extra depth to their solos.

These budget pedals will give you the control you need over your delay and the robustness for long term on-stage stomping!

reverb pedal

Reverb Pedals

Reverb is similar to delay, but instead of defined repetitions of what you play, reverb produces a number of repetitions at the same time, producing a much smoother echo and decay effect.

Guitarists use reverb for similar reasons they use delay, and often in combination with delay for added depth. These reverb pedals have been praised for their quality vs price.

chorus pedal

Chorus Pedals

Chorus works by creating a 2nd, simultaneous audio signal, exactly the same as what you're playing, but slightly off-pitch. The result is an oscillating or shimmering effect.

The depth and rate of this oscillation can be controlled on the pedal and there is often an option for stereo output to pan this oscillation back and forth between two speakers.

compressor pedal

Compressor Pedals

In simplistic terms, compressors both limit and raise the volume of the respective loud and quiet parts of your playing to make the overall output level more even.

It also acts as a resonator, as the volume of any held, decaying notes or chords is maintained for longer.

An essential addition to any guitarists effects board.

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