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How The Cheap Guitar Guide Can Help You...

Good news. It's never been a better time for guitarists on a small budget.

While it's not difficult to find a cheap guitar or amp, let's face it, cheap can also mean poor quality. There is a booming false economy at the lower end of the price spectrum.

If money is tight, it's easy to fall into the trap of buying cheap tack. With the right info, however, you'll be surprised at just how far your modest budget will go. That's where the Cheap Guitar Guide comes in.

In short, this site is for musicians who seek the absolute best twang for their buck.

...and only gear with the most consistently positive user comments across the web gets included here...

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So, no more spending hours jumping between sites and sifting through countless reviews and forum posts to weigh up price vs quality, it's all been brought together into one definitive "best of the bargains" guide, with side-by-side comparisons and video demos.

Whether you're looking specifically for the best quality electric guitars under $500, budget bass guitars or cheap guitar amplifiers that you would be proud to gig with, or you just need to know where to get the best deal online...

It's all here, in one place. We do the research so you can get playing for less.

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