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Top Rated Cheap Acoustic Amps

If you've spent a good deal of hard earned on your acoustic-electric, a cheap acoustic amp is probably all you can afford (which is, I presume, why you're here!).

Acoustic guitar amps, more so than electrics, should be transparent enough to feed through the full tonal character of your guitar and provide enough volume for live shows.

That's what I've looked for, and that's what I've found with the below budget bests, supported by user reviews and comments. Surprisingly, you don't need any more than $200 for either, and frankly, spending any more (unless you're playing huge opera halls, un-mic'ed) is unnecessary.

45 Watt Cheap Acoustic Amp

If you're a solo singer/player, and/or you like to colour your sound with effects and plenty of EQ variation, you'll appreciate the flexibility of this Behringer acoustic amp. Great for small shows, and well equipped with dedicated dials for simultaneous guitar/vocal performances...

Behringer ACX450 Ultracoustic Amp

Harmony Central 4/5

Amazon 4.7/5

Musicians Friend 4.5/5

Forum Buzz
Behringer ACX450 Ultracoustic Amp


45 Watts / 8" Speaker / 2 Channels / XLR and Standard Inputs / 4 Band EQ per Channel / Feedback Detection System / 24-bit FX processor with 16 Presets per Channel / Footswitch to Activate FX / stereo RCA Input (CD-IN)

User Review Summary

Starting with the rich feature set - 2 channels (one for your acoustic, another with an added XLR input for your microphone), 4 band EQ, FBQ which kills unwanted feedback (often a huge problem for electro-acoustic players) and onboard digital effects loaded with 16 presets covering reverb, chorus, delay etc.

Each channel has its own dedicated effects control, meaning you can warm up the guitar with some chorus on on the 1st channel while sprinkling some delay on your vocals on channel 2.

The only thing missing is a line-out jack, but it's recommended that you mic up this amp if you are running through a PA or recording to get the most authentic acoustic sound.

It's loud for a 45 watter and you'll have enough un-mic'ed power for small venues, even playing alongside a band. The dual input will allow you to put on a belting "one man show".

Like any great acoustic amp, the Ultracoustic doesn't colour or saturate your tone. It cleanly and clearly reproduces the natural sound of your acoustic, with very little noise and no break up distortion at higher volumes. The EQ and effects give you plenty of flexibility over your tone, so it's not difficult to find that sweet spot.

Overall, unlike so many other cheap acoustic amps, the 450 doesn't hide any lack of decent raw tone behind its flashy onboard FX, rather the FX are there to add that little extra, complimentary zing when you need it.

Demonstration Video

A lively finger pickin' demo using a mic'd up ACX450 with a touch of chorus. Very sweet, deep and natural acoustic tones...

30 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amp

Not so fussed about onboard effects and other bells and whistles? Just want an amp that is crystallinely faithful to the sound of your acoustic's pickups? Also think that rugged good looks are a bonus? Merry Christmas...

UltraSound AG-30 Acoustic Amp

Harmony Central 4.5/5

Amazon 4.3/5

Musicians Friend 5/5

Forum Buzz
UltraSound AG-30 Acoustic Amp


30 Watts / 8" Speaker / Bass / Treble / Shape Switch (mid scoop) / Headphone Output / Line Input / FX Send & Return / Unbalanced Line Out / XLR Direct Out

User Review Summary

A far more basic amp than the ACX, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a best seller. There's a more traditional effects loop and single channel configuration, with an XLR output for larger, PA powered shows. There's also a post-EQ and FX line out (unbalanced) for recording using your settings.

Along with the standard EQ, there's a shape switch which cuts the mid frequencies and boosts the bass and treble for a "scooped" sound.

This is another clean and full sounding amp, meeting the essential criteria acoustic guitarists look for. It lets each guitar's personality shine through, without any hiss, pops or distortion at cranked volumes and responds to finger picking beautifully.

It does seem like the operational simplicity of the AG-30 has meant more time and money spent on maximising the quality of its electronics and tone. Even the finest sounding pickups are completely unrestrained and more revealed to their fullest, raw potential than merely reproduced.

This is definitely the choice for guitarists who have spent that little bit more on their acoustic and need an amp that is pure and transparent enough to preserve its organic tone and give it the live volume it needs.

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