7 String Electric Guitar for Low End Stoner Doom

by Phil

7 string electric for low end Stoner Doom. Something good for hard driving groove riffs and goes well with a Big Muff Pi.

I also play through a Bass amp, this may sound strange but it works well with the band I'm in.

I've been self taught for about 7 years now but I still know pretty much nothing about guitars and pedals.

Only problem may be the budget which is around £300. I Came across your site and thought maybe I'll give it a try, so shoot.


Hey Phil, I'd take a look at Schecter's Omen 7 strings which are right in your budget.

There's the Omen 7 (£270) and the Omen Extreme 7 (£295)

The main differences between the two is the Extreme has a mahogany body and a coil tap whereas the non-Extreme has a basswood body with no tap.

I haven't played the 7 string but the 6 string Omen Extreme is awesome, has great reviews and earned a place on the cheap metal guitars page.

The 7 string Omen Extreme is basically the same spec as the 6 string.

I think you'd be better with the mahogany body - more low end, more depth. Basswood might sound a bit thin for the music you're playing.

Best price I found: £295 with free delivery, gig bag and pro setup.

The Omen Extreme in action...

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