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Best Cheap Bass Guitar Packages

The cheap bass guitar packages below have been bundled to help you save money on the essential bass accessories. Amp, strap, cable, tuner, strings, gig bag... you'd need all these at some point anyway.

There's one problem, however. The bass guitars featured in value packs have a reputation of being of generic, poor quality. This page will highlight those packs that include highly rated bass guitars, from beginners and more experienced users. The extra goodies can simply be seen as a cost effective bonus.

Save money, save time, plug in and start playing bass!

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Cheap Bass Guitar Package Under $200

Cheap Bass Guitar Pack Under $300

Cheap Bass Guitar Package Under $200

Silvertone have been making exceptional beginner guitars for over 3 decades. Even so, you don't tend to hear much of them over the bigger brand names. This is a value pack all beginner bassists should know about...

Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar Package

Harmony Central 4.5/5

Amazon 4.1/5

Forum Buzz
Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar Package

What do you get?

Silvertone Revolver Bass - Double Cutaway Sculpted Body / Bolt-On Neck (Maple) / Rosewood Fingerboard / 20 Fret 34" Scale / Chrome Precision Die-Cast Tuning Machines / Split Coil Pickup

BAX 10 watt amp - 10 watts of RMS power (20 watts peak) / 6.5-inch speaker / 4-band EQ (high, high-mid, low-mid, low tone controls) / headphone output

Plus - Gig Bag, Electronic Tuner, Strings, Lesson DVD, Plectrums, Cable, Strap

User Review Summary

Lightweight, slim and fast neck, strikingly finished. This is your typical "P Bass copy". I say atypical because it delivers more than just the familiar cut of the Fender classic. It holds its own on tone and feel and consistently exceeds buyers' expectations.

The thumb rest is a functional, albeit simple touch that will help you position your pick hand correctly and comfortably. It will also encourage you to use your fingers sometimes rather than reaching for a plectrum every time! It can, however, be removed if it feels more of an obstacle than an aid.

Even through one pickup (split coil) there is a surprisingly good range of tones to be discovered through what limited knob twiddling can be done on the Revolver. The amp is only 10 watts, which sounds dissappointing, but it's reliable and it does the job, allowing you to develop your ear and playing technique at home until you're ready for something more gig worthy. With a 4 band EQ you can at least dabble with a certain degree of tone modification.

This is not a bass you'll be eager to get rid of once you're past the basics either. Pickup and electronics upgrades, string changes, new nut etc. have breathed new life into the LB11 for players who have "outgrown" its stock config yet remained in love with its uncomplicated and ultra playable frame.

User Demonstration Video

Chunky, fat tone with decent high-end articulation. Beginners will appreciate the slim neck, especially those with smaller hands and/or 6 stringers who are picking up bass for the first time. Note the $99 "deal of the day" featured in this video is for a used LB11, without the amp and accessories.

Cheap Bass Guitar Pack Under $300

Ibanez have a strong reputation among bass players, and thankfully their consistency of quality carries right through to their entry level offerings. For that unmistakable Ibanez playability and tone, focus your sights on the...

Ibanez IJXB190 Jumpstart Bass Guitar Pack

Harmony Central 4/5

Ultimate Guitar 8/10

Forum Buzz
Ibanez IJXB190 Jumpstart Bass Guitar Pack

What do you get?

Ibanez GSR190 Bass - GSR4 neck / Maple Neck Material / Nato Body / 22 Medium frets / Rosewood Finger Board / B10 bridge / STD P Neck PU / STD J Bridge PU / Pearl Dot Inlay

IBZ15B 15-watt Bass Amp

Plus - Gig Bag, Electronic Tuner, Headphones, Strings, Plectrums, Cable, Strap, Accessories Pouch

User Review Summary

The bass guitar itself is the GSR190, which has many positive reviews across the gear sites and forums. A slightly longer scale neck than the Silvertone at 22 frets, but the body is equally as light and comfortable to strap on. The neck is slightly wider than the typical P Bass style which some larger handed/fingered players may prefer.

Comments, as usual, on the reliabilty and solid build of Ibanez axes, which is why some have felt confident enough to gig with the GSR190 and not been let down.

Dual pickups and volume give you more tonal options than the LB11. If you want to learn slap, this is the beginner bass to do it on. The bright end of the tone knob gives you enough percussive punch to cut through the mix. The bass end is smooth and gutsy. In general, the Ibanez pickups offer a more modern, complex and layered tone than the Silvertone, and is where a lot of the extra $100 is invested.

This is an especially good bass for those wanting to play metal and more aggressive styles of music.

The amp, as usual with bass guitar packs, is not something to take beyond your bedroom sessions, but at 15 watts you wouldn't expect to! It does, however, add to the unbeatable value for money of this package.

User Demonstration Video

Nice fat finger tone...

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