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Best Cheap Fretless Bass Guitar

More and more bassists are opting for the freedom of fretless playing. This rise in popularity has opened up the cheap fretless bass market to those of us on a budget.

If you're new to fretless playing, the below gem will make the transition accessible and fun. Every bassist should ideally have a fretless as part of their gear arsenal.

Cheap Fretless Bass Pick

For that authentic double bass imitation, Squier offer a very capable, cheaper alternative to the legendary Fender Jazz Bass. Often quoted as being worth considerably more than its price tag, it has impressed both beginners and experienced players alike. The budget fretless pick...

Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz Bass Guitar

Harmony Central 4.5/5

Ultimate Guitar 9/10

Active Bass 5/5

Forum Buzz
Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz Bass


Body: Agathis / Neck: Maple C-Shape (Polyurethane Finish) / Fingerboard: Fretless Ebonol with Inlaid White Celluloid / Pickups: 2 Duncan Designed JB101 Single-Coil Pickups with AlNiCo 5 Magnets / Controls: 2 volume 1 tone / Bridge: Standard 4-Saddle / Machine Heads: Standard Open-Gear Tuners / Hardware: Chrome

User Review Summary

Standard, simple jazz bass features with slim neck profile and 3 knob (2 volume, 1 tone) control for the dual Duncan Designed pickups. The electronics are passive, but users are generally happy with the range of tone available. The agathis body is cut thinner than the standard Jazz Bass, so it's relatively lightweight.

Most find the Jazz to be playable right out of the box, but do spend some time on the bridge - you'll find you can get the action very low (if that's your thing). It's also worth restringing with flat wounds, replacing the factory rounds if you want to enhance that upright bass imitation.

The stock Duncans do a surprisingly decent job delivering a smooth yet punchy low end but with enough depth and clarity to feed through that characteristic upright-esque "bwow" (sorry for the crude onomatopoeia). The controls offer a decent range of tones, right up to bright and snappy. But it has to be said the Vintage sounds more in its element with the tone pulled back.

There's even a bit of growl to be found buried beneath that smooth exterior, or some brighter, poppy tones if your fingers seek them. Overall a very natural, responsive tone that will emphasise your unique playing style.

For players of the fretted P and Jazz basses, removing the "speed bumps" has made them realise just how quick, smooth and effortless their playing can be. The Squier Vintage Jazz is a fine cheap fretless bass to make that transition and discover a rewarding new way of approaching the fingerboard.

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