JB Hutto Airline Copy

by Jamie
(Brighton, UK)

JB Hutto Airline

JB Hutto Airline

I'm in a White Stripes tribute band (The $hite Stripes) and I want to know if there's a cheap copy version of the '64 JB Hutto Airline. I've had no luck online but a friend seems to think she definitely saw a Japanese copy somewhere.

Any thoughts?




Hey Jamie, as you probably know these guitars have shot up in price because of their association with Jack White (I'm not blaming him, just the way the market works). They would otherwise be a lot cheaper!

Anyway, your best bet is Eastwood Guitars who make replicas of the Airline and similar guitars for around the $1000 (£600) mark.

Other than that, I'm afraid the only other option is to trawl Ebay for a cheap copy or have one built by a luthier, which won't be cheap.

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