My Hondo guitar

by Jerame
(Marquette, Mi, USA)

I have a Hondo (les paul style) with a Bigsby tremolo.. the serial # sticker is still on the guitar along with some another sticker with numbers right above it.. My inquiry is there anyone who can help me with either finding a site or someone personally that could lead me to some information about the year and possible value?


Hey Jerame.

Does it have Hondo II on the headstock?

It might be worth contacting this guy...

See this Ebay listing to gauge value and get more information - I think it's the same one, although the trem doesn't look like a classic Bigsby.

There was an SG version of the Hondo II with the Bigsby trem that recently sold on Ebay for $300.

Hope you can find more information from this.

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title NEW
by: Anonymous

Is it a set neck or bolt on? What's the serial number and is it on a sticker or engraved? Headstock shape?

hondo guitar NEW
by: Anonymous

It only says Hondo on the headstock. Not Hondo II is there a difference ?

hondo guitar NEW
by: Jerame

No it just says Hondo on the headstock

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