Replacement Pickup for Schecter Omen 6 Extreme

by Jeba Blessingson

I play metalcore to death metal. So with regards to the guitar I own, what pickup could be the best option? Because I have heard pickups perform/respond variably to the guitar's body wood. Thanks.


Any of these pickups would work well with the Omen Extreme:

- Seymour Duncan Distortion (cheapest)

- DiMarzio Super Distortion

- EMG 81 or 85

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Omen 6 Diamond series pickup upgrade NEW
by: Ray M.

Just got an Omen 6 diamond series guitar I plug straight to a peavey bandit 112 for rehesrsals (one of the newest version) and I definitely need to upgrade the guitar pickups,the bridge one at least to get a. Sound with more definition at high gain. I play death/doom metal and use 0.011" & 0.012" gauge strings. Chuck schuldiner's sound on the album symbolic could be a reference point for the tone I'd like to get close to.

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