Distortion spillover effect

by Chris

I'm in need of a pedal that can help me transition from distorted to clean, but the distortion must ring out and fade allowing me to play clean while the fadeing distortion overlaps it, but not repeating it just kinda holding it.

It would also be capable of ringing out the last note of a solo while switching to the next section. I would need to be able to do this in just a simple tap, spillover I think is what im trying to say also it woudnt be active after tapping it affecting the next part of a song allowing me to flow in and out of different sections of a song.

Anyone who likes playing alterbridge or creed might understand how something like this would be extremely handy. So please, if any pedal comes to mind it would be helpful, also it wouldnt hurt if it wasnt really expensive.

R.I.P Ronnie James Dio... :(


The only way I know of being able to do this is to...

1) Get a delay pedal with spillover on which you can dial in a slow echo or "pan" effect (e.g. the Digitech Digidelay). Keep the delay pedal in close proximity to the distortion as you'll be tapping one after the other within the space of a second.

2) Make sure the levels are just right so the distortion volume is the same with and without the delay.

3) With the distortion still on, tap on the delay just before you want the spillover to begin, immediately tap off the delay and then tap off the distortion as quickly as you can.

That's 3 taps, but it's a simple 1, 2, 3 rhythm with your feet! the main thing is you get that delay on and off in good time.

That should give you a nice distorted spillover that fades into your clean playing.

If there's an easier way of doing this (i.e. with a single tap), I don't know of it yet. Any suggestions, please use the comments link below, cheers.

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