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User Rated Cheap V Guitars

If you're looking for cheap V guitars, you might want to consider some high quality budget offerings from V veterans, Epiphone (Gibson) and Dean.

As with many "copies" or "inspired by" models, owners of these lower end V's have been pleasantly surprised at the quality.

This definitive guide brings together the best of the cheapo V guitars out there, as reviewed and rated by users across the web.

Cheap Flying V Guitar - Vintage

Don't expect to make any real tonal comparisons between the Epiphone Flying V and its bigger Gibson brother - it's purely aesthetic. What you'll find though, as many others have, when comparing side-by-side, is that the Epiphone is actually much warmer and more rounded.

You can pick up the Epi '58 V for around $550, so it's not dirt cheap, but fewer corners have been cut with this one than most others considered cheaper imitations of top enders.

Epiphone Flying V Guitar

Overall Rating

8 / 10


Harmony Central - Ultimate Guitar
Amazon - Zzounds - Musicians Friend

Key Features
  • Accurate, detailed copy of Gibson Flying V.
  • Set neck for great sustain
  • Gold hardware
  • Vintage pickups


Pickups: 2 Alnico Classic Humbuckers / Hardware: Gold / Frets: 22 / Neck: Set-in Mahogany / Fretboard: Rosewood / Body material: Mahogany with Korina top / Tuners: Grover

What users say

The Epi Flying V has been crafted with stunning attention to detail, right down to the non-slip rubber strip on the lap side of the body.

Players love the feature set - string through body, set neck, gold hardware, mahogany neck and the classic Korina body (well, Korina top, mahogany body to be precise). Solidly built, well balanced and stays in tune with help from the modern Grover machinery.

It does have a fat neck, in true Gibson/Epiphone style, so if you're a fan of the thinner profile necks you might want to make a note.

Clean, the stock humbuckers provide a tone warm and rich enough to bring even the deadest solid state amp to life. It handles the cleanest to the dirtiest settings without losing its unique tonal character or turning chords into a distorted mush.

Some people have claimed it doesn't "do" metal, being more inclined towards vintage sounds, but others have insisted that with some knob twiddling the Epi V is very adaptable and tonally well rounded. The set neck and string through design provides great sustain for those squealingly high bends.

Basically, if you're an 80/20 metal/other player, you might want some hotter pickups in there (or see the V below). If, however, you're more of a dabbler across several styles, the '58 Korina stocks will stand up to the job.

Best Cheap V Guitar for Metal & Shredding

Dean's output, even at the low end, is exceptionally high quality. As soon as metal players are introduced to these guys (who ironically require no introduction) they feel they're "home". Hotter than the vintage vibe Epiphone, the Dean VMNTX V is a fine shredding axe.

Dean VMNTX Dave Mustaine V Guitar

Overall Rating

/ 10


Ultimate Guitar - Amazon - Zzounds Musicians Friend

Key Features
  • Built for heavy metal & shred
  • Ultra quick, flat profile neck
  • Mini Grover tuners
  • Dual volume


Body: Basswood (Maple top) / Neck Construction: Bolt-on / Neck: Maple / Fretboard: Ebony / Inlays: Dot / Frets: 24 / Scale: 25.5" / Bridge: Tone Pros / Pickups: Dean Humbuckers / Controls: 2 Volume, Tone, Three-way Switch / Tuners: Mini Grover / Hardware: Black

What users say

Built for metal (obviously), the VMNTX boasts a super-fast neck for the shredders out there. This extra thin, flat profile neck is the one feature that is praised over and over again by players.

The stock pickups, however, have not met some players' expectations. But, as with many guitars, a wee upgrade, if you feel it necessary (many don't) will bring out the beast. Remember, a lot of it is down to amp and effects. If you're playing bone crushing metal, you'll want a rig which supports that.

If you are to upgrade, you already have the mini Grover tuners, string through body design with Tone Pros bridge, dual volume and a surprisingly resonant basswood body as a solid foundation.

The maple top and neck brings out more high end response than the Epi V's mahogany - perfect for those classically cutting thrash overtones and tonally well balanced against the basswood body.

The V body is quite large in comparison to the Epiphone and other V's, so there is a trade off here between tone/resonance and comfort/potential obstruction, especially if you like to hang it low and bounce around. If you eat as many burgers as Kerry King, you'll carry it just fine.

Compare the V Guitars on This Page

Compare the two V's side by side to decide which one's best for you...

Flying V VMNTX
Best For Guitarists who want a vintage style V, or a cheaper version of the Gibson Flying V. Guitarists who want a V shaped guitar suited to high gain metal & shredding.
Defining Features Classic Flying V cut. Gold hardware. Vintage pickups. Set neck. Fast, slim neck profile. Hot pickups. Mini Grover tuners. Dual Volume.
Neck Set-in Mahogany
Bolt-on Maple
Rosewood Ebony
Frets 22 24
Body Mahogany
Korina Top
Maple Top
Inlays Dot Dot
Pickups Alnico Classic Humbuckers Dean Humbuckers
Price $550 $300
More Info link to buy guitar at discounted price link to buy guitar at discounted price

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